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ICE/Applications - built, distributed, supported by NewEra Software, Inc.

ICE/SAE is the stand alone environment

Since its first introduction in 1990, ICE/SAE has become the standard for repairing z/OS Systems.

Perhaps the most unique part of ICE/SAE is its fundamental method of operation. Unlike other system management tools, ICE/SAE runs in a completely stand-alone mode. This method of operation is so complete that ICE/SAE provides its own operating system environment; this stand-alone environment is completely detached from z/OS and its subsystems. It operates independently at all release levels of z/OS. 

ICE/SAE is a self-contained, self-loading software utility that provides immediate access to configuration datasets through an ISPF-like editor without the need for an active z/OS System. It has unique integrated applications that provide the functions needed to diagnose and repair problems and, when used in conjunction with a DR test, or the decommissioning of DASD, unsurpassed multi-pass data erasure. 

SAE Tools and applications

Action Services

Action Services provides complete access to all DASD devices and datasets. Its interface is modeled after ISPF. Users locate critical datasets or members and use specific Action Services to make system repairs. This tool set includes edit, zap, browse, rename, save, delete, undelete, and catalog list/alter.

Stand Alone Restore

Stand Alone Restore is simply the fastest way to restore a single dataset. Unlike other backup and recovery systems that require you to restore a complete volume, this application lets you restore a single dataset or member originally created using IEBCOPY, IEBGENER, DFSMSdss, or FDR. RESTORE will perform full volume restores from DFSMSdss or FDR, if required.

Image Services

Image Services aids users in the repair of System Images by automatically isolating the components that comprise a specific image. This inspection process is almost instantaneous in identifying the volumes and datasets under investigation. Image Services uses both information captured by NewEra Software’s Image FOCUS and its Inspection Server, and SAE, to pinpoint and provide the means to immediately identify changes, which can assist you in identifying problems. 

z Hardware Confirmation

z Hardware Confirmation automatically discovers the full z Hardware Fabric thus allowing users to verify hardware installations without having to IPL the system. ICE/SAE collects sense data at the master console and reports, for example, if newly installed hardware has been configured correctly and is available for use during an IPL. 

Fast DASD Erase

Fast DASD Erase allows users to erase mission-critical and/or personal data at the end of a Disaster Recovery test, which may be one of the most important steps of the test itself. ICE/SAE users enjoy peace of mind knowing they have completely erased all test data, thereby safeguarding it from unwanted use. This is especially important in an era of government and industry regulations regarding safeguarding data. Users also appreciate the reduction in time and money saved during the actual erasure. 

Learn more about Fast DASD Erase for z/OS in the section that follows this section.

When z/OS is up but TSO is down

As an ICE Application, ICE/SAE is fully integrated into the Integrity Controls Environment, a VTAM address space. As such, even when TSO is down, users can logon to ICE and continue their work using native ISPF, System Console, JES, and the functions of the ICE/SAE Application.

More about fast dasd erase

Fast DASD for z/OS

Fast DASD Erase for z/OS is patterned after the Fast DASD Erase tool found in the Stand Alone Environment (SAE). It uses the same erase algorithm and performs in a similar fashion, while offering the user the opportunity to erase data under native z/OS. 

Fast DASD Erase for z/OS offers a cost-effective alternative to standard data erasing utilities. It totally erases all user information and produces complete audit reports in a short amount of time.

Fast DASD Erase for z/OS provides the most complete z/OS erasure method, an important factor to consider in this era of increased scrutiny over the security of personal information. With government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA. PCI, GDPR, and others, it fulfills the data protection standards these regulations demand.

Fast DASD Erase for z/OS provides peace of mind that all confidential data has been erased, thereby safeguarding it from unwanted use. Fast DASD Erase for z/OS is an invaluable tool when decommissioning DASD as it not only clips the VTOC, it completely destroys all data. 

Fast DASD Erase for z/OS is at its best when Government regulations and/or internal procedures call for multiple erasure passes, using selectable erasure patterns. ICE/SAE allows its users to write a random byte value in addition to binary zeroes, across tracks, during an erasure. Once the target DASD is over-written, there will be no residual data, even the volume labels are automatically changed. 

What users are saving about ice/sae

About Fast DASD Erase

"I believe with the (flexible) VOLSER selection feature, targeting specific volumes of different business units will posture us in a legally favorable way. I feel confident that the data on our DASD volumes can no longer be accessible."

About ICE/SAE Security

"This is a very powerful system utility that can function when z/OS and the External Security Manager are not functional. The embedded security gives us peace of mind in the use of ICE/SAE Applications. 

About ICE/SAE Licensing

"We really like the NewEra Licensing Policy related to ICE/SAE. One License, one License fee that covers both our Home and Disaster Recovery site. We actually generate DR License Keys on the NewEra Web Site.

About ICE/SAE Overall

"The ease of use of this product is outstanding! Its interface is Full-Screen, very much ISPF-like."

About ICE/SAE Support

"As is usual for all NewEra products, support is 24/7/365. When we need them, they respond."

About ICE Intergration

"Integration with IMAGE Focus allows ICE/SAE to access configuration Blueprints."

ICE/SAE, like all NewEra Software Products, is licensed on an MSU, tiered price scale, 

for a defined term or in perpetuity by CPU, Site, Region or Globaly. 

Maintenance is included in the first license year and thereafter is 15% of the then current list price

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